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How Erin Mykleby Can Help Any Athletic Department

August 16, 2017
Over the past few years, Erin Mykleby, formerly of of Bettendorf, Iowa, has built for herself an excellent reputation when it comes to working in athletic departments and operating their fundraising and marketing and improving their standing in the communities in which they operate. That is exactly why she was chosen to engage in all of those activities as an Assistant Athletics Director with St. Leo's University. She not only acts as a liaison to the community, but she also handles department promotions.
Erin Mykleby

She has a lot of varied experience in many areas. For example, Erin Mykleby coordinated the "ball kids" program, which provided young people with a great experience during two rounds of the 2013 NCAA Women's Division I basketball tournament. Of course, that was just one small example of the types of responsibilities she has taken on in the area of athletics over many years. In addition, Erin also served as a summer intern for Indianapolis-based USA Track & Field in the fields of High Performance and Coaching Education for a time.
In 2014, Erin Mykleby received the Master’s degree in sports management from the University of Iowa that she had worked hard for over several years. And while she was at Iowa, she did a lot more than study. She was a teaching assistant for the school’s athletic program and she was a supervisor with the undergraduate Sports Business Internship program. As a student-athlete Academic Service Learning Assistant for the football team, Erin gained a lot of experience working with student-athletes on a face-to-face basis.